i know I used to be a real wild child, but now I am a volvo-driving soccer mom. Nana-nana, volvo-driving soccer mom, nana-nana nana-nana.

It’s 6:03p in Croatia. 12:03p in New York City. 9:03a in Los Angeles. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I am getting ready for a potluck dinner at the co-working space while my therapist is driving into her office for appointment #1 and my sister is *probably* getting lunch at Juice Generation (💸💸💸).

Since the extent of my cooking abilities = picking out good apples, ordering the best smoothie combinations, + ice cream shop radar, I came up with a fabulous idea to order 2 greek salads from across the street and put them into a bowl and present that sucker like I just chopped cukes and tomatoes for 3.5 hours. Stay tuned. 🙌🏿🏆

This has been a super, beyond bizarre week. If you spoke to me for one minute in the last 5 days, you probably know that I’ve been tripping myself out trying to distinguish between normal / abnormal. After a little phone sesh with my LA therapist 💳, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s an impossible task to sort out what can be categorized as ‘regular’. 🤦🏽‍♀️

The new normal:

  • I went to a really fabulous restaurant with a new friend who literally is the Ghost of Katie Future and knows all of the same NYC PR people I do (including Andy!): Corto Maltese
  • I booked a trip to Belgrade, Serbia 2 weekends from now because Vogue says: Is Belgrade The New Berlin?

Living in Croatia, in itself, is batshit crazy. Counting down weekends to get to Prague is also insane. This weekend I’m going to see waterfalls and the local Hajduk soccer team ⚽️place (apparently you wear white to the games, which raises a bit of an issue). Last weekend, I went whitewater rafting 💦 and ate too much Soparnik (Mommom — here’s your recipe: click!).

No real point of this post except to check in and say hi and that I am trying to normalize (hehe) life. I have calls from like, now (6p) until 1130p. But, on the other hand, I’m currently figuring out a trip to Paris, excited for friends and Mama & Papa C to meet me in Portugal, and planning / daydreaming about winter visits. 🖤🌎🖤

All in all, it’s been a solid week filled with a lot of work and a lot of tomato consumption. As well as FastFood In chicken salads. And to think, I claimed to hate chicken….(still do — but beggars can’t be choosers). 👎🏿🙅🏿🐔



** Also, my roommate has a blog with pictures that look far more professional + we are trying *go viral!*, of course: Britt Abroad

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