some mistakes we made, they made us who we are. these games we play, they got us really far.

1. *for all who are on the seat of their chairs over this — skin is back. So we’re done with Remote Year Epic Disaster #1.

2. I think a lot of you know what happened when I moved from NYC to LA two years ago. Literally, everything went wrong. Everything. And I thought for a change that I had sorted the move out ahead of time. However, most are familiar with The Princess + Delayed Movers Saga 2015.

The same thing happened 36 hours ago. I got to LAX early, seamless security / baggage checks. Ate my sweet little ass off in the Korean Airlines Lounge + looked at gross skin pictures with my sister for an hour (concluding that I definitely was bit by a poisonous spider). Flew to London, another ‘seamless’ security / baggage check. As soon as I touched down in Split, the Spiritual Unicorns started throwing those annoying tests my way. AKA — missing baggage.

3. After shaking off the missing backpack debacle (because I really couldn’t even remember what was in it except a quick dry towel that will never be used and my vaccination book), I ended up at Plan B (puns intended) where I met some Remote Years and ordered a pizza that was supposed to be for ‘5–6’ people, but ended up being a literal meter long (but you know, Americans don’t get the metric system).

So this pizza comes out and I’m like ‘uh. okay..’. BUT, this accident seriously lead to accelerated friendships. I mean, who doesn’t like free pizza that tastes like Elios on steroids? No one.

4. Then, when we (me + roommate) get back to our apartment, I go to open the Moderload Luggage and it’s LOCKED. Like, I 100% could not open the TSA lock (that I have never once used in my life and probably should have stuck with that). After scouring YouTube videos and a little sassy phone call with my father (sorry, dad), I was able to use my roommate’s bobby pin and.. you know the rest. Okay TSA, no comment.

Finally, time for bed (2am-ish). The sheets felt like paper (weird), but we all know it’s possible to acclimate to anything. Like a missing backpack that may or may not have things of more value than just underwear….

By the end of the day, I felt like I was living in a Twilight Zone episode. In the morning, everything definitely looks and feels better. So a missing backpack is a pretty insignificant problem when you get to wake up and see this: