Conversations with Gravity

We are man and we inhabit the earth. At least that’s how it once was.

We are all ticking clocks with a clear expiration date.

Strange beings without souls or purpose.

Each of us special snowflakes. Whether its a a smile, an imperfection, a secret, we all are unique. Every moment of existence is distinct and can never be replicated.

Are we really unique? Is every day truly special?

Lets do a thought exercise. Close your eyes.

Remember a day ten years ago. What were you doing?

You woke up. You sat in class, in work, a meeting, a cubicle, a cell? You ate, you drank, you slept, you didn’t dream. Your eyes aren’t even closed.

Now compare that to today. Were they really different?

You have two eyes, two feet and are either after money, power, or love. Your shitty interests can be predicted by Instagram.


Originality is dead and we are cursed.

Yours Truly,

The Eternal Optimist