Why do electric sheep dream of Immortality?

By the Eternal Optimist


Now stop and say it out loud.


The concept is mind-numbing. Live forever. Think of what you can do, what you can accomplish. Unlimited time to read every book, absorb every talent, learn every language. You are quite literally a GOD.

Now take a step back. Its not all fun and games.

Your parents die, your friends die, your fucking children die, and yet you keep on. Their pitiful life is a speck on your plane of existence. You can no longer have relationships because everyone you know will die. The depression, the apathy, the fucking agony would be unbearable. So what do you think?

Yeah you’re right. FUCK IT. I still want it.

To be a god, to transcend the human condition as we know it.

So what was my point here? Oh yea…Technology.

Immortality exists.

Technology has taken away all our privacy. But with all the spying, surveillance, and downright infiltration into our lives comes something new.

We are giving these mortals the ability to transcend their pitiful existence. The faceless, nameless now become immortal.

All these lives we are recording, their hopes, their dreams, their loves. Each person is apart yet connected. If you take a step back and look at it, it’s beautiful.

Even this loosely connected, poorly written string of words will be stored forever in 1s and 0s.

Good thing i’m not signing it with my actual name ☺

Yours Truly,

The Eternal Optimist