From Comic Artist To Author of upcoming book

I did not realise that I was a comic artist and for the fact that I am an author of a upcoming book, Mother Industrialist that will be launched this year in Nov 2017. While I am in the midst of preparing for my book launch this coming November 2017, I kept having all these voices coming into my head “Are you worthy to be an author? Are you capable? Are you this … are you that…? A lot of these voices came in and it was overwhelming. But all these voices went away when I met up my old friend, Eldred whom I have known for 20 years.

Yesterday I was catching up with my good friend, Eldred who was back to Singapore from Japan where he has been there working for the past 10 years as a professional 3D animator. Have not met him since the last time he was back to Singapore for STGCC 3 years ago where he had a booth exhibiting his works. In the past 3 years a lot of things happened in my life. I can say that I am totally a different person compare to 3 years ago. Found back my purpose in life and pursue what I meant for and truly want.

Eldred and I had a long chat over lunch and happy hour. I believe that this time he is back for a reason as I believe that the Lord send him here to pass me a message and he is the best person to deliver this message. We both had this belief that “ Strangers are friends whom we have not met “. We both met because of our love and passion for comics and manga. We have known each other coming to 20 years.

At the time I was about 17–18 years old and I just got into Temasek Polytechnic doing my Diploma in Apparel Design & Merchandising. I was pursuing my passion of being a fashion design. In Year 1, it was our foundation year and in Year 2 is when we will be stream into our Major which is either Design, International Merchandising or Visual Merchandising and I got into Design Major. It turned out that I was the only guy out of the 4 in the batch that got into Design Major. After 20 years, I am the only guy that is writing a book about mothers or mompreneurs. Wow! This was the message that Eldred shared with me. He shared that I am always the unique person that is doing something that everyone thinks that it should be done that way but it was done differently and by a person whom most people don’t expect it. For example, when you talked about Fashion Designing, most people will think that it is a female dominated environment and industry where the one studying Fashion Designing will most likely be a female than a male. When you talked about an author writing about Mompreneurs, most people will think that it will be written by a mother who is a entrepreneur BUT it turned out to be a guy who is also a dad that is writing the book. I truly believe that Eldred is the best person to deliver this message because he was that unique friend that I have known that knew about that part of my life chapter.

Back then, I was a nobody. Not a comic artist nor a fashion designer. I was just a simple person with a dream and passion. There was no fear and no such thoughts was there to stop me to pursue what I truly want. You can say that I was young and relentless but the fact I pursue it against all odds and achieved it. I then realise that in my life, when I set my mind on something that I want to achieve I will achieve it.

Year 2000 — wanted to be a comic artist, became one of the 10 comic artists that was featured in Comic Alliance 2001 comic book.

Year 1999–2002 — wanted to become a fashion design, pursue my diploma in Apparel Design and graduated. Became a babywear designer and designed babywear in Les Enphants Pte Ltd (Disney baby)from 2005 to 2008 after finishing serving my National Service from 2002–2004. I was working in a fabric mill who sells fabric to Gap and Old Navy from 2004–2005.

Year 2008–2015 — wanted to do sales but have no sales experience. Gotten my first sales job as a advertising sales executive with no experience. Worked in a few big local Corporation and SME companies.

Year 2015 till todate — wanted to be a marketing consultant to now owning my own creative marketing company. wanted to be an author in mid 2016 to now going to launch my book in Nov 2017.

Thanks to Eldred making me realise that I am special and when I set my mind to do things. Things do happen in my way regardless because I am in control. i did not realise that all these happened under my own will to make it happen.

We all have a dream when we are younger but over the years of being in the system and rat race that programmed us to fail. We are all born winners!

Thinking back when a group of like-minded passionate people that came together and form the Comic Alliance 2001. 10 of us came together and everyone did our short comic strip that was compiled together and lead by Edmund. We did our comic launch in Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya where all of us were there having our own autographing session. Can you imagine how does a 19 year old boy felt at that moment? Having a simple dream of having our own comic published and launched was a incredible thing that a 19 year old can imagine. It was that strong belief and passion that pull us through the many months of grinding and commitment that we set for ourselves to finish our comic book regardless. We were at Shaw Towers’s Burger King every Friday evening without fail to meet up, learning from the seniors who are more experienced, helping each other, sacrificing our time for our passion and rejecting our peers invitation for partying and fun.

I admit that my drawing skills ranked last out of the 10 people that was in the comic. Eldred shared that it does not matter because the fact that I have pursue it, persist on, delivered my comic in time and it was published in the book! Many people out there only dream of being a comic artist but how many really took action like you? Some of them took action but gave up halfway while pursuing it. He say that I should be proud to be a part of it as I did not give up despite my skills or anything that could possibly make me quit. This made me realise that I should be proud that I followed my dreams, achieve my dreams to be a comic artist and had it published in a physical book.

Now I am writing all these feelings and amazing things that are happening to me makes me feel that I should be grateful for all the gifts that God had given me and blessed me with. Thank you O’Lord for your love and guidance. I will continue to pursue the path you have planned out for me and the mission I am set to achieve.

Believe in yourself and the higher power that will guide you. Have total trust in HIM so HE can bless you with all the power and strengths to overcome them .

God Bless,