How To Live Your Dreams And Make It A Reality Even When You Are A Mom?

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TOPIC : “How To Live Your Dreams And Make It A Reality Even When You Are A Mom?”

In this episode, I chat with Rebeca who is the Founder of Rebeca Flott Arts and a mother of a 4 yr old boy.

Rebeca grew up in South America, with very few resources that made her look at things differently… So using her mind and having a passion for creating. She started looking for alternative ways to paint, and decorate. Challenging herself to be persistent, and find different ways to express herself through painting every day. It wasn’t until she was in my twenties that she was able to paint on her first actual canvas. In her heart this simple act made her feel that she is a “real” artist.

It could have been a lot different. Rebeca could have looked at the fact that her parents didn’t have the money to help her grow as an artist, or the fact that she didn’t have money to buy a simple canvas.

Instead she chose to look within, she chose to believe in herself, to have faith, that she was going to make it. She chose to believe that she didn’t have to be like everyone else.

Rebeca’s favorite quote — “You have to be you!!!! Anything you believe in, water it, feed it, and protect it, and you can change the world. Take a step forward and try something different, it might just change your life.”

So blessed to have connected with her and have her on my LIVE Show.

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