How To Overcome Life Obstacles And Live An Abundance Life?

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TOPIC : “How To Overcome Life Obstacles And Live An Abundance Life?”

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In this episode, I chat with Sheri who is a freelance writer, singer, lyricist, composer, performer, and speaker with international experience sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Her ability to find humor despite difficult life snapshots — including chronic pain, the death of an infant and miscarriages, adoption, divorce, depression, and her father’s death in a plane crash — will encourage your reflections on God’s masterpiece-work in your life!
Sheri Lynn’s journey as a lifelong learner began with undergraduate degrees in English and Drama Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, K-12 Principal’s Certificate, and as a licensed Minnesota attorney.

She’s also worked as a copywriter and actor for radio, film, and television, a motivational speaker, an adjunct college professor, and an inner-city teacher.

So blessed to have connected with her and have her on my LIVE Show.

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