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In this episode, I chat with Judy who is a Real Estate Sales and Marketing Specialist, Single Mom and Lifetime Learner.

Her passion for real estate started with infomercials featuring how to get rich investing in real estate seminars that you could buy on cassette tape.

She would listen to them before going to bed and while in college, mustered enough courage to apply what she learned. Her mother is an immigrant from Korea and remembers watching her work long hours and having very little time to spend with them so that she could provide for her 4 kids to include her father.

She recognized that she wanted to work smarter and do something that she loved to do to support her family and help other families.

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she launched her career as a Senior Contracts Manager for Preferred Equities Corporation Land Development and received her real estate license in 2000.

Her first year, she was named Century 21’s “Rookie of the Year” and in 2005 became one of only thirteen Certified International Property Specialists in Las Vegas and a Sales Manager for Realty Executives.

In 2008, relocated back to Colorado where she became an Account Manager for Trulia and then a Business Consultant for the Zillow Group Inc. prior to becoming a full-time Realtor.

She made her first liquid one million dollars at the age of 29, like many, lost it all at the age 33 when the real estate market shifted owing to the IRS $490,000 and a total debt of $4.2 million. This was a humbling experience for which she learned the true motivation behind some of her relationships leaving her hard broker and depressed for several years.

As a single mother, it can be a struggle to pay bills and keep medical insurance. It is very frustrating to work harder to get paid less and passed up for promotion after working hard to try to meet the company’s ridiculous goals.

She believe in providing Service with Sincerity and Integrity and working hard for my clients in hopes of becoming the family’s Realtor for life.

Currently, the Team Lead for Colorado Suburb Homes team selling homes primarily in the southern suburbs of Denver to include Aurora, Littleton and Colorado Springs, CO.

She is a graduate of the University of Nevada where she earned a BA in Kinesiology/Biology and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.
She is devoted to my family, career, and god. An athlete by nature, love to participate and coach sports and inducted to the Sierra High School Hall of Fame in 2007.

She has a long record of success guiding local, national and multi-national clients with through their real estate acquisitions and liquidations.

So blessed to have connected with her and have her on my LIVE Show.

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