I am going to be a published author!

Why do I say I cannot believe it? It is because I have finished writing my first book! For a student who never score As in English in his school days and he is going to be a published author.

When I was following up with my publishing team yesterday and I realized that I only started writing my book in April 2017. I’m less than 3 months I have finished writing a book of 112 pages and at least 17,000 words. In fact I exceed the maximum requirement which is a achievement for me.

There were so much for me to learn about writing and to discipline myself to keep writing was not easy. Since young, I always zone off when I read books with lots of texts. Reading to me is a torture. I have never love reading a book until recently in the past 24 months. I only started reading when I started running my own business.

As a business owner, I was totally new although I have help business owners to market their products and even to sell their products. I knew that I need to learn from all the successful people in the industry or in the world.

My first book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I took months to finish reading the book because everytime I started reading I will zone out and forgotten where last read. So it took me a while to figure out a way to make marking in the book that I will know where I last read.

In 6 months, I have completed reading 5 books and it became a habit. Since then buying books had been a hobby for me. I started collecting book that can help me in my business. I was a student now but studying about entrepreneurship which was not taught in school.

Now I am very excited that being author will soon be a reality for me.

I’m thankful for my publisher, Black Card Books in the past few months assisting me and coaching me.

I will soon start to market and promote my book. It is so unbelievable that all this is happening.

Do watch this space as I will be writing and updating my journey as an author in here.

Live your dream life now!

Kenneth Choo