Parents, are you preparing your children for their future?

An article from Singapore’s local newspaper, Straits Times dated 28th June 2017

The heading of this article that was posted on our local newspaper stated that “Children must be ready for jobs ‘that do not yet exist’. Personally, I felt that it should be titled as “Parents, are you preparing your children for their future?”

Why do I say that it should be titled as the above is because how can the children be ready for jobs when they are still young and still studying? Shouldn’t this article be targeting at the parents instead? As a dad of a 8 year old daughter, I have been pretty concerned about my daughter’s future in terms of her career or her life 10–15 years from now.

Today I did a Facebook Live addressing this big concern if we are preparing our children for the world that will be totally different from the current. This article touched on the ‘ABC’s which is

  1. A — Sense of Aesthetics
  2. B — Ability to Build
  3. C — Mastery of Communication

I feel that this ‘ABC’ might not be applicable to all children. I have my own set of ‘ABC’ that I feel that children can start to build starting from today.

My ‘ABC’ for our children’s future

A) Adaptability — the ability to withstand time and the ever changing environment. To be able to adapt to their surrounding and people. With A.I and technology that will be moving at the speed of light. They have to equip with such ability.

B) Binary — To be able to have 2 best qualities at the same time and knowing when to switch. Example : Be really good at playing piano and then good at socializing so that you can get more performances or getting more students. Being binary seems to be one of the crucial skills that our children need to have as a form of survival skills.

C) Creativity — With a creative mind, they are open-minded and are always thinking out of the box. That will give them the advantage of leading the rest of the community. Able to perform at a much faster and efficient manner in whatever tasks that is given to them. They might even start their own business and step into entrepreneurship. Where they will be able to create new jobs for those who’s jobs had been replaced by automation or A.I. This will also help to boost their country’s economy.

When the article says about ‘ the fourth industrial revolution ‘, does anyone knows anything about it?

Here’s the link for you to download and understand everything about ‘ the fourth industrial revolution ‘ by Klaus Schwab

For me I felt that it should not be called ‘the fourth industrial revolution’, maybe it should be more of ‘ the digital disruption revolution’ instead.

You can read more here

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I believe that this concern should be every parents’ concern and duty. Because children being children, they will not be able to understand or aware of what kind of environment they will be in just like that time when we were their age. Everything we do in life has a strong connection with our parents’ beliefs and their beliefs are from our grandparents where smart phones weren’t invented, robots weren’t invented, internet weren’t there, and many more.

So I urge more parents to start thinking on how you can crave a better future for your children’s children now because with the speed of internet and technology. Whatever that is disrupting now will be full growth in the next 3–5 years instead of 10 years. Just like our recession which used to be every 10 years but now it is getting shorter and shorter.

So parents start taking action now!

Do watch this space because this coming end Sept/early Oct, I will be launching my book titled ‘ Mother Industrialist ‘ , perfecting the balance between Motherhood and Business Success where I share with mummies how they can spend more time with their loved ones without worrying about money.

I will be posting more stuffs in here.

God bless and take care,

Kenneth Choo