Functional Medicine Options for Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy
Matthew Griffith

Hi Matthew: you have made several good points in your writing. There are many treatment options as you say. I have a provider with advanced training and experience with medical massage that works wonders. Actually my wife with no training, just compassion, before she passed away, would massage my feet and could put me to sleep many times faster and more reliably than a sleeping pill. Stretching is a daily ritual for me. Acupuncture did a good job thru the first 3–4 treatments getting the buzzing to back off for a while.

To be successful in obtaining pain relief, patients must insist on participating in development of a multi-faceted treatment approach. God bless you for helping those of us in pain. I am going to investigate the plasma exchange and the IV immune globulin as those I have not tried. My spinal cord stim implant has been a life saver for sure.

There is one point you make I must take issue with— i wish I could agree with you that these functional treatment options will eliminate the need to heavily rely on pain medications. There seems to be a growing sentiment that severe pain can be “dealt with” without the use of opioids. Frankly they don’t work that great, but without them I have a level of pain that is unmanageable. I have been searching for new solutions just about nightly for almost 10 years. Please keep up the good work, but let’s not throw out opioids as a proper solution for millions of severe chronic pain patients like myself — a peripheral neuropathy patient with limited relief from a broad range of treatments. Thanks for listening.

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