Basic Understanding Of Heat Shrink Technology & Its Uses

Heat shrink (also known as heat shrink tubing) is plastic tube that shrink and be used to insulate wires, thence offering abrasion resistance as well as environmental safety for terminals, solid wire conductors, joints as well as connections in diversified electrical applications.

The heat shrink kit is used across the globe for various applications. Developed by Paul Cook in the fall of 1950s, the heat shrink tubing kit was created using radiation chemistry. The heat shrink tubing made by Raychem is nowadays used by several heat shrink tube manufacturers and distributors worldwide as the fundamental building block.

How much can the tube shrink

Shrink ratio varies from tube to tube. The shrink ratio is gauged as the shrunken size of the tubing to its actual size. For instance, a tubing with a shrink ratio of 3:1 can have an increased diameter which is thrice the actual size of the tubing, when it was in its shrunken state.

Heat Shrink Tube — Applications

Heat shrink tubing is used in various circumstances for aesthetic modifications and improvements as well as for protection purposes.

A heat shrink tubing can also be used for:

  • Identification — color coding is used to make identification simpler
  • It is also used as an insulator and is used for insulation against over-heating in army vehicles, aircrafts and boats
  • It also acts as roadblock between cables and different corrosive metals
  • For harnessing wires
  • To prevent water, dust, etc. from moving into splices
  • It offers enhanced longevity and is often used to manufacture robust and long lasting labels for applications in networking patch cords


Several suggested thermoplastic ranges may be used to creat heat shrink tubing, including polyolefin, Neoprene, fluorinated ethylene propylene, and polyvinyl chloride. They can also be manufactured using Viton when the purpose of application involves corrosive settings and very high temperature.

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