Some Exclusive Points to Select the Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink is a flexible and adjustable material which is used for sealing, strengthening, patching, and much more. As the name indicates that when the heat is applied on the tube it shrinks, that is why it is easy to install. However, it is a difficult task to select an appropriate tubing. It is very important to choose the accurate measurement of tubing.

Heat Shrink Tube

As the Heat shrink tubing has various properties like versatility, act as a safeguard to the system and long lasting performance. Selecting of the wrong tubing cost you high and results into the degradation in efficiency, wire repairing, protection and may increase the risk of damage to other devices used in your industries.

There are various factors which are necessary to look after while selecting a particular tubing.

Wall thickness-
The thickness of the heat tubing is basically measured in the mm after the shrinking of the tube. Without the tolerance, the dimensions of the tubing are defined as “Nominal”.

Most probably one can differentiate between the tubing that is the thick wall, thin wall or the medium wall. The tubing which is known as the dual tubing is available with adhesive liner.

Select the diameter according to your requirement of the project. In the market different tubing is available with the different diameter. For example, a standard tubing have thin wall tubing with a diameter of 1 inch, have the shrink ratio of 2:1.

Shrink ratio:
Shrink ratio is one of the essential factors while choosing heat tubing. Shrink ratio specifies the rate of shrinking of heat tubing. The shrink ratio depends on the material used to make the wall of the tubing.

  • The shrink ratio may differ from the value of 2:1 to 6:1. If the shrink ratio is high the covered area of the object will be more.
  • Heat shrink tubing does not shrink only in diameter, but they shrink in the lengthwise. The change in the length is described in the percentage.
  • The heat tubing does not shrink at the same time or at the same temperature. It depends totally on the material from which it is made which includes the thickness of the wall of the tubing.

Most of the well-known brand names of heat shrink tubing supplier will list all the dimensions you have just determined in their catalogs.