Week 1 Retrospective

We have reviewed so much material this past week! Its a bit unnerving to know that there is a considerable amount of programming knowledge left to learn. But wow — I am genuinely excited about the information that we’ll be learning in the following weeks.

I’m glad I went through the Java pre-work for the class in a bit more detail because it made this first week go by smoother than I expected. I do wish I had gone over the Clojure pre-work more throughly because the syntax has not quite sunk in yet. Dido for JavaScript.


The most challenging part of the first week was reminding myself that I will be able to make it through this process. I find myself, at times, wondering how I will survive for 12 weeks. I’m embarrassed to admit this but the fear of failure is very real in my mind.

I know those thoughts are silly because there are students in class who haven’t had any programming experience and they’re doing well.

Most of my classmates (who are incredible people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences) have the goal of getting a job in this field. That absolutely seems like the most logical course of action considering the substantial monetary and time investment that everyone is putting into this. I hesitate to admit that my goal is bit different from theirs in a way.


I’m primarily here to learn (at a rate I’ve never done before), challenge myself, and (most importantly), have fun!!!!

My goal is to cultivate a desire to keep on learning for a lifetime. To never again allow failure or life to extinguish my curiosity or desire to learn.

The following weeks will be dedicated to the art of learning. I’ll be googling like crazy, chillin at bookstores over the weekend to browse through some programming books, talking to people who work in the field, and asking my classmates all sorts of questions — all in my quest to gather deeper insights into the programming world.

My dream job would be working for company that offers a challenging yet unique learning opportunity. It could be in the field of programming or elsewhere. I’m pretty open-mined.

However, I’ll put forth my best effort into finding a job that enables me to make use of the information that I learn here (I do ultimately have to finish paying off the cost of this program within the next year). But if an interesting job pops up that will challenge me as much as this programming experience is doing, then I’ll consider it, regardless of the industry.

And for you, dear reader. If you are reading this, then welcome aboard as I attempt to describe my crazy wonderful experience through this coding bootcamp.

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