A list of thoughts from my first year in business

Evolving Influence launched a year ago. I’ve penned a list of thoughts that have circled in my mind as I’ve reflected on what has been a very lively year.

It’s an unordered list but not an unstructured one. I’ve broken it out into sets of four, but it’s not a poem. At best, it’s a thoughtfully formed list.

Relationships matter

The world is a friendly place

Lots of people will find time to give you advice

You have to do the work yourself

Principles matter

Trust yourself

Be honest with yourself

Know what you aren’t

Ideas are best shared

Ideas are ten a penny

Good ideas are a pound a punnet

Ideas made real are rare treasures

Winning business is exciting

Being scared is exciting

Turning down business is liberating

Only do good work

The cut and thrust builds self-confidence

Don’t believe the hype

The cut and thrust is bruising

Do not despair

Everyone wants good things for you

People are willing you to succeed

There’s no shortage of cheerleaders

You have to do the work yourself

This list was originally published at evolvinginfluence.co.uk.