Who Is Katie?

Part 1: 100 Words About Me

This is my dog Levi when he was a foster! When this picture was taken he was six weeks old and weighed four pounds.

All my life I have been surrounded by dogs. From a young age, I have always wanted to help dogs. One day, I finally had the opportunity to help the silent. My family and I started fostering dogs with an extraordinary agency called Foster2Home. Although the idea of a “free puppy” in your house for a few months seems amazing, the path is littered puppy poop. Plus, saying goodbye to the dogs, most likely forever, isn’t easy. Overall, my family has fostered thirteen dogs. One of which, has never left because we adopted him. Helping dogs is what I love.

Part 2: Graphing My Life

Part 3: Music That is Important to Me

This is a song by twenty one pilots. I love all of their songs, but this one is a favorite of mine because I listened to it often when I was at Yellowstone National Park. Whenever I listen to the song, memories of the beautiful landscape and animals come flooding back.

Part 4: What I Was Doing at 9:00pm on Friday

This is a picture of what I was doing Friday night. I am in the color guard and I was performing at my first football game! I am the one holding the flag. Photo Credit: My dad

Part 5: Vine of a Typical Day After School

This vine is what I typically do in a day (excluding extracurricular activities). I eat some dinner, or a snack in this case. Next, I do my homework. Finally, I go to sleep.

Part 6: Who Do I Admire?

Photo Credit: Me

This is a picture of my cousin Juli. As my mom once said, “If Juli didn’t have bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck all.”

Juli was born with a bone disease known as osteogenesis imperfecta. This has made her bones break quite easily. For example, recently she broke her foot when someone stepped on it.

In edition to the bone disease, when she was 25, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer spread up her spine and into her brain. On multiple occasions, she was told she was going to die.

She was starting to lose hope when she found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she had radiation while she was pregnant and she was warned that her baby might have complications. Her son Lyric was a healthy baby until he got Leukemia because of the radiation his mom had.

Currently, both Lyric and Juli are cancer-free, but Juli had a blood clot that almost killed her and a suppressed immune system. I wish I could say these are the only horrible things that have happened to her, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Juli inspires me so much because throughout all of her hardships, she has always remained positive. She never complains about her health issues. My family and I usually have to pry information out of her regarding her health. She has taught me to never dwell on your adversities or let them rule your life.

Photo Credit: Cathy Maloney’s Facebook

The woman pictured here is Cathy Maloney. She runs the organization I foster with called Foster2Home. Her only son was killed in a motorcycle accident. Her son loved dogs, so she vowed to save as many as she could. Mrs. Maloney created Foster2Home in her son’s name. The fact that she turned her agony into something wonderful is something that inspires me everyday.

Photo Credit: Movienewsguide.com

As well as being an amazing actor, Jared Padalecki is an advocate for mental health. He has created two campaigns: “Always Keep Fighting” and “I Am Enough”. The proceeds go to charities that help raise awareness for mental health. Padalecki provides a voice for fans struggling in their day to day lives with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. Instead of making merchandise all about him, he made it all about advocating for others as well as yourself.

Part 7: A Dream of Mine

This is a picture of Copenhagen, Denmark. I dream of going there and sightseeing with my family. My grandpa, or “MorFar” was immigrant from Denmark. Photo credit: LovelyPlanet.com
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