Fuck You, Trump. My baby was “ripped out of my womb” because I was going to die.
Cecily Kellogg

Forgive me for jumping to two different kinds of thoughts, because I don’t want to give short shrift to your sharing your story, which is painful, amazing, and powerful.

But I heard in Hillary’s words echos of similar words from her husband Bill in the 1990’s, and I find it frustrating that after all these years we seem to have made no progress in moving the national conversation along. For that I believe we are as much or to blame for not being more creative in getting the word across to the other side. Your story and others like it should be familiar to every pro-life group in this country; it should not be hard to convince people of many diverse opinions that these are real and far more common than most think; and one reason this hasn’t happened is because we have made no effort to introduce these stories to others in a way they will hear it. Consequently we unwittingly collude with the others who complain, but do nothing to change the way things are…

The other thought has to do with your phrase “swear too much.” I’m not sure “swearing” is the problem, the choice of words might be (not just because they may distract someone who otherwise might have been touched by your story). For me, I have given up on the “n” word and all the derivatives of the “f” word, because I cannot redeem them. The “f” word originates in male-to-male banter and is founded on the idea that the greatest humiliation is to take the female role in sex. Male words for sex are primarily abusive and misogynistic… I asked some students once if we could come up with a definition of the “f” word that describes its actual use. Their answer was “to humiliate or be humiliated in the worst way imaginable, that is, the way a woman deserves”. So for me I have purged the “f” word, snafu, fubar, shafted, screwed, and sucks out of my vocabulary. I think I still swear, I just don’t want to demean women in the process.

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