Rwanda, the smallest country in the East African community, is giving refuge to 30,000 Africans enslaved in Libya.

What are the rest of our African countries doing?

It is now apparent that the Americans and Europeans orchestrated the demise of Muammar Gaddafi, without any thought as to what would happen after the ‘revolution’. What we now see are disaffected Libyans taking out their wrath on Black Africans seeking their way to Europe. Now in all fairness, Arabs have a history of being anti-Black and horror stories abound about how Black people have been treated in Libya, the United Arab Emirates It seems to have graduated to a whole, new level of ugly now. We also have to call attention to the fact that Black Arabs-North Sudanese- have in the past engaged in genocide against South Sudanese who represent (more), indigenous Africans who practice traditional religion and/or Christianity.

Africans take incredible risks to get to Europe and pay substantial amounts of money for it. For the few that do make it through the dangerous passageway, what awaits them there? Is it really the life they desired? How many are stuck in detention camps? How many will be deported? Work visas are very hard to come by, let alone permanent residence permits.

In the meantime, the most mediocre Europeans will rock up to the (African) continent, find jobs, run non-profits, live in beautiful homes and just party their way through.

What gives honestly? What gives?

If Europe was such an amazing place, White people would not have left to go around colonizing everyone else in the Americas, Australia and the African continent. They would not be sitting on other people’s lands. Okay, say that’s the past. What about now though? How many have left Portugal to set up in Angola and Mozambique? Have we looked at the immigration numbers in terms of how many Europeans are moving to the African continent? Yes, there is the reference to Europeans coming to African countries as ‘expatriates’ while Africans going to European countries are ‘migrants’ or ‘immigrants’. Ironically, many Africans seeking passageway to Europe are engineers, doctors and others of various skill. Yet these Africans are not considered highly skilled and will not be afforded the compensation commensurate with their skills and experiences.

Africans on the continent need to debunk the myth that Europe is the land of opportunity. We need to fight harder for political, social, economic equity and access. We need our African people to stay on the continent — those seeking refuge from war, should be allowed into the African countries that are stable. We need to think about policies that will support pan-African development and support.

It’s a complicated issue, but Rwanda has decided to lead by example. Dying as a slave in Libya, or trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea — surely our lives are worth so much more.