An Open Letter To Those Praising The New York Times ‘Tomboy’ Piece
chase strangio

Thank you for writing this!

When I first saw the headline I KNEW it was going to be an issue, and when I read the article and although it didn’t outright say trans and queer gender issues were the bane of the mother’s existence, it was implied by the fact that her issue isn’t that people don’t treat her daughter as simply expressing herself as she wants to and is thus being targeted by people who don’t like her doing so, her only issue is with people ASKING is her daughter is trans and what pronouns to use: something that is inherently a supportive thing to do for actual trans children. So you daughter isn’t trans, alright, but that doesn’t mean trans people don’t need to be given the consideration that you are decrying.

And that’s a problem because for most trans people they aren’t even being given that. For most trans people the problem is other people REFUSING to accept us because they don’t want to challenger their perception of what gender identity is. Most trans people are met with violence.

But for this mom her problem isn’t people violently reacting to her daughter doing what she wants, her problem is people trying to supportive for trans people and that consideration being extended to her daughter, and is basically her challenging the idea that trans issues need to be acknowledged in conversations just like in her daughters case because trans and gender queer people NEED that support.

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