you have to start somewhere… right?

Me, on a good day.

I never meant to be 29 and unemployed. No one ever means to end up where they are, right? Except for maybe Mark Zuckerberg. But — semantics. I went to graduate school, I got 2 Masters degrees (completely useless by the way)… I was one of those Millenials. It pains me to even say it. I went to college, got a useless degree, graduated and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. So instead of being an adult and working menial jobs and figuring it out… I worked for my dad (in a job I absolutely loved, for the record) and then went back to Graduate School. Because that’s what people do when they are hopelessly lost in life. Like myself.

Annnnnnd here I sit, a solid year after graduating with an MBA (remember when the MBA was the new Bachelor’s degree?!) and a Masters in Hospitality Business Management and absolutely no job prospects besides working as a restaurant manager. Because slaving 60+ hours a week in someone else’s dream is exactly how I want to spend my life. I’m sorry, that’s passive aggressive and rude and I truly love the industry but I have been in it forever and I don’t want to do it anymore. Apparently, I am not a lifer.

SO. After procrastinating about starting a blog for the past *counts on fingers* 3 months, here I sit! I have been feeling mildly useless lately, and searching for jobs is absolutely brutal. My sights are most likely set far far far too high, but someone at some point is going to take a chance on me, and they will NOT be sorry. I apologize in advance for whining, and I thank you for profusely for “listening.” You have now entered my glorified housewife life!

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