Federer Ousted In The Second Round

Coming off his miraculous win in Australia, Roger Federer was feeling extremely pumped especially with his one month break since his last tournament. It was the last week of February and that means the season’s first fast court tournament was about to begin. This tournament will take place in Dubai, where it is known for its fast courts and world class tennis center. This tournament was a ATP 500 where the winner of the tournament will receive 500 points to their ranking. Coming into this tournament, the world number 1, Andy Murray was a favorite considering his style of play and his tough mentality. Besides Murray, the top two Swiss players, Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer will also be taking action at this wonderful tournament. Both of these players are considered to be high favorites and Federer seems to be the more preferable one since he just came off his Australian Open win.

Coming into Dubai, Roger Federer seemed extremely nonchalant and was happy that he was feeling great and practicing well. Federer has a house here in Dubai and has gotten used to the hot weather and fast paced courts. He has been practicing well considering he hasn’t played in a month since his victory in Australia and is back to getting work done on the courts. On Monday with his first round against a Frenchmen named Benoit Paire, he quickly finished his match in less than an hour with a 6–1 6–3 victory. After his match with Paire, he told the Dubai crowd how he loved playing on these fast courts and was feeling great. This seemed to be a positive message for the Federer fans since everyone wasn’t sure whether his Australian Open victory was a fluke or not. But with the win, his fans all around the world seemed to be reassured and could only see the season getting better.

On Tuesday the 28th, Federer was scheduled for his second round match up with a qualifier named Evgeny Donskoy. Federer’s opponent was a qualifier ranked outside the top 100 players in the world and he was not seen as a threat for Federer. As the match begins, Federer was easily getting work done and taking the first set with a 6–3 victory. As the match progressed into the second set, Federer’s level of play was fine; however, Donskoy stepped it up a notch. He was firing forehands down the line and Federer seemed a bit dazed. As the match moved onto a tie breaker, Donskoy took the set with a 6–7 (7–9) victory and the momentums shifted immediately. Federer kept his calm and remained unfazed as usual despite just losing a set. As they entered into the third set, the style of play from both players remained the same, but Federer began to unleash a bunch of unforced errors. The backhands began to misfire and were a bit off from the baselines. At the end, the game went to another tie break and the Federer started off trailing Donskoy 1–5. Many thought that this was going to be a quick match for Federer, but it was turning into a nightmare. By the end of the match, Donskoy ended with the victory and was shocked himself with the victory.

After the match, Federer didn’t seem to be bothered, but instead tried to move on to the next tournament. This has always been Federer’s mentality where he does not dwell in the past, but instead always focuses on how he could improve for his next match. Federer’s next match will be at Indian Wells in California and it will be a highly anticipated match again as Federer will return to this tournament after a year off last year.

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