47 Marketing Tools I Use (and You Should Try) to Kick Major SaaS As A Marketing Director

A few weeks ago I did a podcast interview inside my Jeep parked outside the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale.

I had to.

It’s the only quiet space available at a startup accelerator 📈.

Plus my Jeep has air conditioned seats, so it’s not a bad place to have a conversation.

Okay, back to what you came here for:

You wanted to know what tools I was using so you could cherry pick your favorites off the list and kick some SaaS yourself.

Well, that’s what Dhaval Bhatt, Founder of Resonate AI, wanted to know on his show too. And it’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in today’s post.

The 47 marketing tools I use to kick major SaaS with are…

  1. G Suite — For doing everything (email, calendar, storage, docs).
  2. Google Analytics — For measuring everything.
  3. Statsbot — For quickly getting Google Analytics data in Slack.
  4. Google Tag Manager — For pain-free website tagging.
  5. WordPress — For an all-in-one platform to manage blog posts and comments.
  6. Qualaroo — For creating surveys and putting them on a website.
  7. Timezone.io — For coordinating meeting times with my distributed team.
  8. SEMRush — For doing keyword research and tracking my search rankings.
  9. BuzzSumo — For finding viral content and online influencers.
  10. Ahrefs — For reverse engineering competitor sites and discovering content opportunities.
  11. Sumo — For converting site traffic into leads.
  12. Campaign Monitor — For creating and sending automated email campaigns.
  13. FollowUp.cc — For never forgetting to follow up with someone.
  14. Mail-tester — For making sure my outreach emails don’t end up in a spam folder.
  15. Canva — For putting together simple designs and illustrations.
  16. Hemingway App — For making my writing as smooth as possible.
  17. Grammarly — For cutting out my shitty grammatical errors.
  18. ProfitWell — For tracking company growth and financial numbers.
  19. Ecamm — For recording FaceTime and Skype calls.
  20. Trello — For organizing my team’s workflow.
  21. Slack — For chatting with my badass coworkers 24/7.
  22. Skype — For chatting with my freelancers and vendors.
  23. Zoom — For having video meetings with my distributed team.
  24. Buffer — For scheduling the bulk of my social media posts.
  25. Instapaper — For saving articles I want to read or reread.
  26. Clearbit — For finding anyone’s email address.
  27. MozBar — For getting quick SEO insights on different web pages.
  28. Toggl Button — For keeping me on task when I’m well-caffeinated.
  29. Noisli — For staying focused with an amazing selection of ambient noises.
  30. Soapbox — For creating video demos that capture my face and screen at the same time.
  31. Wistia — For hosting videos and measuring their engagement.
  32. BuiltWith — For figuring out what different websites are built with.
  33. Submit.co — For finding where to get press coverage.
  34. Unsplash — For using stock images that don’t suck.
  35. Drift — For chatting and converting website visitors in real-time.
  36. Giphy — For finding the perfect gif for the perfect moment (like the Major Pain one above).
  37. Zapier — For MacGyver-ing different tools and apps together.
  38. Sketch — For designing anything and everything.
  39. Unbounce — For creating and testing lead gen pages.
  40. 13” MacBook Air — For dominating the SaaS world.
  41. iPhone 6s — For staying connected when I’m not on my laptop.
  42. TapeACall — For recording phone calls directly from my iPhone.
  43. Greenhouse — For tracking the recruiting process of new talent.
  44. Draw.io — For putting together simple diagrams and flowcharts.
  45. Eye Dropper — For grabbing the exact colors from a webpage or image.
  46. Five Minute Journal — For exercising my gratitude and keeping me sane.
  47. Annotate — For capturing screens I need to markup or share.

👊 BOOM! That’s all 47 tools I use on a regular basis.

Are there any tools you think I should try or add to this list?

Do me a favor then…

…Tell me what they are on Twitter, LinkedIn or just right here in the comments!

P.S. — If you want to see more product recommendations you should really check out my collections on Product Hunt 😺.

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