I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

Sad to read this. Sounds like another case of too much “power” in the wrong hands. Especially sad as an engineer and tech enthusiast to see more examples of everything that is wrong with my industry. We are often blinded by our love of products and materials to the point that we can overlook these offenses by those who provide them. Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos come to mind. Admired as a visionaries and geniuses so much that the feelings of all of those they belittled publicly and privately are ignored. Fortunately, you realized that true “power” does not come from money in excess or even being innovative in industry, but by being able to be truly content and filled with joy that radiates to others. People are meant to have symbiotic relationships and will never be truly happy without them. Real relationships come from love and not fear. Those in “power” who don’t realize that will never be truly content.

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