John Rowles

and I scare you????? Number 1 shoes are life. Always important. ALWAYS. There is never a justification; just accept it. Number 2 tattoos are not necessary, shoes are. Ask Imelda. I have no idea what time it is after 12:00 noon. I know you were in the navy, but I have no idea how to tell military time. I know I should, but I don’t. If a student hands in or google shares any document with text language it is grounds for failure. They know that. They realize it can make me turn into Linda Blair. They have no idea who Linda Blair is, but I tell them my head will spin, and I will spit pea soup, They believe me. My IT guy, I owe him my life. I text him and he always answers me. I call him and he always answers me. Our network is shit, our printers are shit. My hookup — if I showed you the wires attached to the elmo, and computer hook-up and when I plug in my strip I hear the crackle noise of electricity- well- you get the picture. I’m waiting for the day I won’t have to pay for a perm.

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