and I scare you?????
Kathleen Clarke Anderson

  1. Can’t do math in my head. My husband ripped up my tip card on our third date when I wanted to pay the tip. He’s an accountant and he would not let me leave until I could do it in my head. It was a long date. 2. My 20 year old has 2 tats at this moment. The body I spent 20 years protecting from harm; the child who cried for 3 hours after a shot; who had to be held down to have a little blood taken from her finger. Yes, that one. Is going to get a poem engraved on her next time-my favorite poem- I believe to punish me. 3. I watched The Exorcist under duress, in another frame of mind a very long time ago. It is basically the only scene I remember. There are only a few more I remember watching in the same state. Christine, Carrie, and Burnt Offerings. Poltergeist I watched with my face in someone’s arm in a movie theater. I did not pay to watch that, Thank God.
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