Yeah…it’s been a hellish week.
John Rowles

Hey- I’ll have you know I taught Blackboard — lol- I do take care of our printer jams and I do fix most of the chrome books for kids and Dell issues for my friends in my vicinity- it is just a matter of re- setting and re- booting the site usually. You go directly to hell if you hit the stop button.

The PARCC is basically a way for Pearson to make a shit ton of money selling an assessment to school districts where they hire people from Craig’s List to score the tests. The tests are usually 2 grade levels above the level of the child taking the test. It is a lot of strategy and knowledge of manipulating the tool bar. If my kids were of school age they would be opted out. They wouldn’t be used for data and I would not participate in any type of anxiety ridden testing for them. Yes, there should be an assessment for kids, but not by some corporation who knows nothing about kids and education. Okay, I’m off my soapbox now…

I hope your week is better- mine is definitely shaping up to be hell week!

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