Sorry for the delayed response.
John Rowles

I’m basically horizontal and slack- jawed at this moment. 2 more days!!!!! Giving the final exam tomorrow- the vocab, grammar and multiple choice. I had to do the essay portion earlier- Monday- so I could grade it. So 7 short stories, 7 novels, vocabulary, grammar, literary analysis, poetry thrown in for good measure, and some SAT prep- and it is almost over. 3 movies too- Funday Friday or Lights Out for Learning as we fondly call it.

Basically the kids’ summer projects and mine did not gel this year so there is not going to be any kind of get away vacation. I think my friend is going to visit so a staycation will be fine. I’m good with couching it, ordering out, reading and watching movies. I am a good vampire. My oldest starts her internship Aug. 1 and my youngest starts her junior year Sept 6 and she’s transferred home. I need to get organized because we need to look for a place to move for the Spring.

I guess it still bothers me about that student, but he was not going to do anything at all. I needed him to give a little. He didn’t want to, and it really was a shame. I hope he gets it together sometime.

The concert sounds great- Ive never seen either of those bands, but I’d love to. The last concert I saw was- Bruce, of course, last summer. His longest in NJ. Love him. I’m hoping to get tickets for his Broadway performance in November. He’s doing a smaller venue for about 6 weeks I think. I hope the tickets aren’t snapped up by scalpers immediately and impossible to get.

I wasn’t sure how the acupuncture was going to work for you. I quit 9 years ago, cold turkey. I didn’t smoke very much- only after dinner, on the phone, outside, so during the winter, it was minimal. I didn’t smoke in the house. If I could get there, I would go as much as possible. I just like it bc it relaxes me.

So, I guess that about does it. I will get back into poetry mode next week! I hope your cubicle is surviving.