When They Stop Your Heart, It Tends To Focus The Mind
John P. Weiss

So, 12 cardio versions and 2 heart ablations later, I write and still teach middle school. I’ve been re-assured by a former cardiologist- “afib won’t kill you, you know.” To which I needed to keep an iron tight grip on my husband’s wrist so he wouldn’t choke the man with the amazing bedside manner. Once I dismissed one of my former students when he was about to attach all the EKG electrodes to my chest- the poor kid’s face was beet red. It has been quite a ride, but this needle you speak of, I have never been offered such a miraculous option. Usually they stop my heart with the shock and awe machine. Only once did they have to do it twice. I’m knocking on wood to tell you the last one was November. I’m sure I’ve just jinxed myself :) but, I still figure it is better than the medicine!

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