Kathleen Clarke Anderson, I am number 9 on holds at local library waiting for my chance at 4 Large…
Thomas R. Barton, JD

Thomas I am the result of the editor’s pen in writing especially. From early on in high school, I was called “Chatty Kathy”- don’t know if you’re familiar with that doll… In my family, I’m known as the most verbose. In our high school yearbook, it actually says under the What would happen if…. Kathie Clarke got laryngitis? So, I could ramble and ramble, but I am turning over a new leaf. (HA) I did not want to bore the hell out of my new friends. Those stream of conscience essays I’ve written, that is really what goes through my head, and sometimes, it even comes out of my mouth. I think I was stuck teaching seventh grade for the longest time because I did not spend a lot of time in the seventh grade; I spent most of it in the rectory cooking for the priests as my teacher could not stand to hear me talk anymore. (He cooked for the priests and would send me with a list and directions.)Now, if you really want long winded, I can give you long winded. I promise if I read the book I will check with you before speaking of it. :)

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