To the KCLP Community,

As we previously stated in our latest article featuring updates to the tier system, we have been fine tuning, we have decided to use the community’s feedback to help guide us on how to formulate the most effective and strategic way possible to reward our users and investors. We want to reiterate that the current tier structure for the upcoming IDO is temporary, as a more permanent and innovative structure has been completed and will be implemented into every IDO going forward.

With that being said, we are extremely excited to announce the details of our permanent token allocation percentage structure. This structure was an idea that was curated directly by the development team at Kucoin Launchpad. As we put the finishing touches on this plan, we realized that we had developed a unique, competitive advantage over other projects offering similar services on both Kucoin Community Chain and smart chains.

Let’s take an example project called “XYZ Token” is utilizing the KCLP ecosystem to launch. To simplify the math behind our new structure, let’s say they are selling 1,000,000 tokens in the public pool. There are 50 Members in tier 1, 25 Members in tier 2, 15 Members in tier 3 and 10 Members in tier 4.

Total tokens (T) = 1,000,000 tokens

Tier 1 Allocation:

- Percentage of allocation (A) = 30

- Total number of user in a tier (U) = 50

- Total tokens allotted to tier (TT) = (Percentage of allocation for the tier /100) * Total tokens

- Total tokens allocated to tier 1 (TT) = (30/100) * 1,000,000 = 300,000

The formula for the number of tokens a user in a tier can purchase is given by: Number of tokens in a tier (TT) / Number of users in a tier (U) TT = 300,000, U = 50

Allocation to each user in a tier 1 = 300,000/50 = 6,000 tokens

Tier 2 Allocation:

- Percentage of allocation (A) = 25

- Total number of user in a tier (U) = 25

- Total tokens allocated to tier 2 (TT) = (25/100) * 1,000,000 = 250,000

Allocation to each user in a tier 2 = 250,000/25 = 10,000 tokens

Tier 3 Allocation:

- Percentage of allocation (A) = 25

- Total number of user in a tier (U) = 15

- Total tokens allocated to tier 3 (TT) = (25/100) * 1,000,000 = 250,000

Allocation to each user in a tier 3 = 250,000/15 = 16,667 tokens

Tier 4 Allocation:

- Percentage of allocation (A) = 20

- Total number of user in a tier (U) = 10

- Total tokens allocated to tier 4 (TT) = (20/100) * 1,000,000 = 200,000

Allocation to each user in a tier 4 = 200,000/10 = 20,000 tokens

This tier structure ensures that there is equal opportunity to scale up the tier levels as investors see fit while also allowing users of all tiers a mathematically structured distribution schedule for their contributions to the IDO. Breaking down the tokenomics and injecting them into our formula ensures compliance by KCLP while ensuring that we keep our promise of keeping IDO’s fair, transparent, and equal opportunity.

As you will notice, many other launchpad projects use faulty tokenomics and distribution schedules that really only benefit the early investors and whales who get in early. We keep the playing field level to ensure that users on all tiers are rewarded with the appropriate opportunities.

The Big League IDO is right around the corner and the team at KCLP has been extremely busy making sure that our first launch goes according to plan. We are appreciative of the community’s Patience and understanding as we have navigated the winding road of our own launch and upcoming IDO preparations.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming IDO and future launches.

Thank you for your time.

The Kucoin Launchpad Development Team

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