Teacher advocates for deeper thought in students through quiz bowl

Christopher DiBattista, a Rootstown High School teacher, created clubs to help students express themselves and learn in an unconventional way.

Cubing Club, Philosophy Club and the Quiz Bowl team are the clubs DiBattista has led to help students expand their knowledge outside of the classroom.

Brandon Tasker, a student at Rootstown High School and three year member of Quiz Bowl, said that Quiz Bowl is an academic competition team who competes with other schools in the state.

Tasker said their end goal as a team is to make it to a show called Academic Challenge that lets them qualify for the national competition in Texas.

According to DiBattista, teaching is all about planting seeds of critical thought and having students question everything.

“The idea for a club came when we would have conversations in class that would be completely off topic and trangental and I really wanted to talk about those things,” said DiBattista.

The first club DiBattista led was Quiz Bowl after Margaret Barzellato, a Rootstown High School teacher, couldn’t coach anymore.

“I’m a big nerd to that was the impetus to go forth with that,” said DiBattista.

The quiz bowl team has done well with DiBattista as their coach.

Rootstown Quiz Bowl team made it to nationals last Memorial Day in Dallas to compete in the National Academic Challenge Championship.

“Being on the Quiz Bowl team was never stressful for me, it was mostly just fun and good times,” According to Zandra Kavasic, a member of the Quiz Bowl team.

Clubs are about forming and fostering relationships, according to DiBattista.