Get your local area involved in One Green Gov on 22 January 2020 — help us bring people and communities together to discuss climate-related issues and potential solutions.

On 22 January the OneTeamGov community is bringing people together across the world to talk about climate-related issues. Our ambition for this global event is to get as many people as possible involved.

We’re looking for ambassadors to host events in their local area, to meet our three aims:

  • To allow people to learn about the climate crisis, environment and sustainability
  • To connect people interested in the climate together
  • To inspire action to help tackle the climate crisis

The theme: climate, environment and sustainability is extremely broad, giving you the flexibility to decide the format, scale and focus of your…

We’re releasing our first batch of tickets for the 22nd January One Green Gov London event. You can get your tickets here.

As we previously published, One Team Gov is holding a series of climate-related events around the world on 22nd January 2020. We’re delighted to announce that the first batch of tickets for the London event, at Newspeak House, is now available here!

What’s this event all about?

We’ve got 3 aims for the London event:

  • To teach people about climate issues
  • To connect people who are interested in the climate
  • To inspire action in the public sector to help tackle the climate crisis

Obviously, climate-related issues are extremely wide ranging. We’re open to discussing any aspect of the climate, environmental…

A little exercise you could use to better understand how you are right now.

This post describes a short exercise in self-enquiry which I created recently, inspired by The School of Life and ideas from One Team Gov’s Wellbeing Camp. It is for anyone looking to understand themselves a little better.

At One Team Gov we’re really trying to focus on how we can take better care of ourselves and each other. In trying political times, public servants are at the forefront of national tension, and it’s important that we are able to take time to care for each other and ourselves. Self-awareness has also been linked to high performance at work.

I was…

The first of several posts on this subject….

Photo credit: David Pearson for One Team Gov on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons

Improving public sector leadership is one of One Team Gov’s five goals for the coming year. We’ve been working with civil servants to develop a new perspective on leadership, and connecting with different people and groups thinking about alternative ways to lead.

To start understanding this topic better, we recently asked Twitter what they think great future leadership is; this post sums up what they told us. We’d love to hear what you think.

This is likely to be one of a series of posts. You can share your views here, via Twitter or via

We asked Twitter:


We’re committing to five big and some small things over the next year

One Team Gov is a public sector reform movement whose aim is to take practical action to improve public services and reform the way we work. This blog post is from the team who coordinate the overall movement, but is for the benefit of anyone from any country who feels part of One Team Gov.

(A microaction for you: please take a few minutes to respond to this — here, via twitter @OneTeamGov or at Tell us what you think we’ve missed, and comment on anything we’ve said.)

One Team Gov has been going for about 18 months, and…

Experiments in being more present in my life

This post is about my attempts to focus and be present more in my life, both in and out of work. By writing I hope that:

  • in talking about these things openly, others may feel less anxious about experiencing similar problems
  • my experiments might inspire someone else to do similar, and
  • I might learn from others’ experience if they reply.

My life, like that of many people, is quite hectic (in a good way). I have a full-time job, two small children, and I am part of One Team Gov, to which I happily devote my personal time. …

This blogpost is a call for sponsorship for our global unconference on 16 July in London

On 16th July this year the One Team Government community is holding a global unconference at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.

We’re really excited about the event, which will bring together 700 passionate public sector reformers from all over the world to talk about and commit to new ways to improve public services and reform the way we work. If you want to sign up you can do so here, and if you want to find out more about what One Team Government is, you can check out our website or this blogpost.

We’re already half full…

I am proud to be a civil servant in the UK, where we are encouraged to make our workplaces more diverse and inclusive. We have a blogpost series about it and a strategy to improve it. There are great examples of inclusiveness abroad too, from the work of the Canadian Government in Gender-Based Analysis to the work and writing of people like Carrie Bishop in the US on inclusive service design.

But we often see exclusion happening outside our immediate teams, like when we work with suppliers, learning providers or event organisers. …

This post is about the One Team Government Global event taking place in London on 16th July 2018. If you already know you want to come, you can apply here: Or carry on reading…..

We’re more than a little excited to be writing this blogpost.

For those who don’t know us, One Team Government (OneTeamGov) is a public sector reform movement which aims to improve public services and change the way we work through practical action. We’re a community of passionate, empathetic people; anyone in any sector who cares about public sector reform can join us.

We formed in June 2017, when a small group of reformers brought nearly 200 people together in London to talk about how we could work across boundaries to make the public sector better. …

This blogpost is based on the talk I gave at TEDxWhitehallWomen

I’ve been obsessed with empathy for as long as I can remember:​ ​the ability​ ​to​ ​understand​ ​someone​ ​else’s​ ​experience​ ​of​ ​humanity and​ ​use​ ​that​ ​understanding​ ​to​ ​guide​ ​our​ ​actions.

I’m also a civil servant, and very proud to work in the sector I do.

Empathy and the civil service are two things not often mentioned in the same breath, but I’m passionate about both. I believe that, far from being mutually exclusive, we should consider empathy to be a core skill for civil servants.

The civil service exists to help politicians get things done: our stated aim is to ‘help…

Kit Collingwood

Leading digital, data, tech and customer service at Royal Borough of Greenwich. Thoughts on leadership, inclusion and better services. Compulsive optimist.

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