We’re Airdropping $5M Worth of IZZY tokens!

Kenneth Colón
Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Izzy Care is finally on mobile, with iOS & Android apps (beta) now on Product Hunt! To celebrate, we’re airdropping 20,000,000 IZZY (estimated $5M+ in value)!!

This comes after many successes we’ve achieved together as a community — including the steady growth of our user base (on our web app) and the publication of peer-reviewed research on our model.

More on IZZY and the Izzy Care Membership:

Being our platform’s utility token, IZZY (ERC-20) can be redeemed for discounts on unlimited, personalized primary care, psychotherapy, and nutrition & wellness coaching through the Izzy Care membership.

Access our $99/mo. introductory pricing until January 31st, for unlimited primary care, psychotherapy, nutrition & wellness coaching from your own personal care team.

You can sign up for the Izzy Care Membership today via our website at https://izzycare.org.

How to Receive Tokens:

You’ll need:
- An email account
- A wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard (no exchange wallets)

Receive 100 IZZY tokens (approx. $25 USD in value) just for joining our Telegram group at http://t.me/izzycare

Meet us at an upcoming conference or Izzy Care Meetup and earn an additional 300 IZZY tokens (approx. $75 USD in value).

Register for Izzy Care and receive another 500 IZZY (approx. $125 USD in value) — This includes signing up on our website for your invitation to the mobile beta, then completing registration, payment and getting started with your care team.

Get a friend to sign up, and you’ll EACH receive an additional 200 IZZY tokens (approx. $50 USD in value).

Email Izzy Care’s CEO/co-founder, Kenneth Colón, at k@izzycare.org with proof of Telegram signup and/or membership registration to redeem.

Connect with Us:

Meet us at the Converge2Xcelerate Conference at Columbia University in New York City on October 24. I’ll be speaking on decentralized systems in healthcare, and would love to see you there. Use code “Block321” at checkout for 20% off your conference ticket!

You can also connect with us at one of our Meetup Groups. Don’t see your town/city below? Reach out and help us organize a local Izzy Care Meetup!

San Francisco:
New York City:

More on the IZZY Token Sale:

Participate in our token sale, with 35% bonuses until January 31st. https://izzycare.org/token.

Past and Up-Coming Conferences:

HLTH: The Future of Healthcare Conference (Las Vegas), May 2018
Global Blockchain Forum (San Francisco), October 2018
Converge2Xcelerate at Columbia University (NYC), October 2018

News, Publications and Announcements:

MedCity News
Becker’s Hospital Review
Thrive Global
Healthcare Weekly
Blockchain in Healthcare Today
BitcoinTalk.org Forum

Cross-posted on the BitcoinTalk.org Forum and on LinkedIn

Kenneth Colón

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Becker’s Hospital Review 2018 “Up-and-Comer in Health IT” | Contributor, TinctureHealth, freeCodeCamp, Hacker Noon

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