A look into our process and findings, and some tips to help your user research go smoother

As a startup that’s graduated from both Techstars (’16) and 500 Startups (‘17), we’re often asked by other startups and entrepreneurs for actionable insights and key takeaways based on our experience.

While accelerators like these are not a must-have nor a guarantee for success by any means, they do teach many important lessons for various key aspects of building a successful early-stage company.

And so, we want to share those lessons with you through a bit of a different lens than has been done before.

We’d like to take you through our internal processes for different key areas — the…

Learn How to Build a Neural Network & Enter to Win the $1.65M CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge In This 3-Part Series

Author’s note: In Part I, we discussed the $1.65M CMS Artificial Intelligence Health Outcomes challenge, what it takes to excel at data science, and the biological basis for neural networks. If you haven’t already, give that a read (~6 min.) before continuing here.

This particular part of the series got pretty long. As such I’ll be splitting this into 2 (this part) and 2A. Then in part 3, we’ll get into actually building our neural net as originally planned.

So, now that you have a firm understanding of the biological counterpart of artificial neural networks (ANNs), it’s time to get…

Learn How to Build a Neural Network & Enter to Win the $1.65M CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge In This 3-Part Series

What if I told you that you could learn to use machine learning — more specifically, neural networks — to tackle some of the biggest problems in healthcare?

Some of you might be interested. Others, not so much.

But now, what if I told you that, in doing so, there was an opportunity for you to WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS while contributing to the good of humanity?

Would that grab your attention?

If so, here’s your big chance.

Do I have your attention? Good.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently announced their plans to distribute up to $1.65 Million USD to encourage the development…

Issue Brief: Why Provider Data is a Mess, and How to Fix It.

I recently relocated to the lovely city of Springfield, IL — the Illinois state capital and the home of Lincoln. For me, that meant finding a new primary care doctor to see for prescription refills, annual check-ups, and referrals to specialist care, among the countless other things a primary care physician will do for their patients.

Springfield, IL — Home to Lincoln Everything (the Lincoln Library, Lincoln Museum, Lincoln Tomb, and surprisingly decent Lincoln Lollipops)

I used my insurance’s provider directory website to locate a primary care clinic that was nearby, highly-rated, and most importantly, in-network, and made my appointment. My initial impressions of the doctor were wonderful. …

ZERO55.vc is a tokenized fund for unlocking the $300B+ in economic potential in minority-led companies. Sound interesting? Contact us here.

At ZERO55.vc, we’re committed to supporting the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs, especially those tackling areas of high social impact (like healthcare and education) through innovative technologies (like artificial intelligence and blockchain).

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the first member of the ZERO55.vc portfolio: Transfer Doc, an A.I.-enabled hypertension (high blood pressure) management platform for patients and clinicians.


According to the American Heart Association, more than 100 million Americans are afflicted with high blood pressure. That’s nearly half of…

What I’ve Learned and What’s Next for Me.

I’m taking a break from being a founder and CEO, so consider this my cover letter to the world.

This is a really emotional event for me. It’s been something I’ve been giving a lot of thought over the few months. And if I’m being honest, it’s something I’ve really struggled with. But being a founder has taken a physical and emotional toll on me, that for my own wellbeing, I need to take a break from.

I got burnt out. I stopped finding any joy in the work I set out to do. …

And Why Your Company Should Consider it Too

It seems like today, everyone is talking about tokenized securities, i.e. security tokens, as the “next big thing” in crypto. And I would agree, especially when it comes to tokenized equity.

But there are good reasons behind all this buzz about tokenized securities (and tokenized equity). Most important among these, in my belief, is that tokenization enables the democratization of assets.

Tokenization and Democratization

For years, equity has been how we represent ownership in a company, with founders and investors typically maintaining a large majority of this ownership. If and when a company proves to be successful, company owners stand to make the…

(…with a little help from Izzy, our team’s latest venture…)

All of the biggest companies in tech (Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and more), are fighting to stake their claim in the multi-trillion dollar healthcare market, with global healthcare spending on track to exceed $10 Trillion USD by 2020 according to data from the World Health Organization.

Here are just a few examples from three of the tech giants most active in healthcare — Google, Amazon, and Apple:

I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago speaking at the Global Blockchain Forum when I had the opportunity to connect with a few fellow speakers and attendees over some drinks. While it was generally an enjoyable event — great speakers, panels, networking, etc. — one thing that we had all seemed to notice was a very serious lack of women, black and Latino founders at the event.

This, however, wasn’t a problem with just this one specific conference. Rather, this was an industry-wide issue. Women, black, and Latino founders are seriously under-represented in tech when compared to the…

Just because you don’t have $10M lying around to quit your job, hire an all-star team and launch a product with all the bells and whistles you could ever desire does not mean your product or startup idea is destined to fail. In fact, you’re probably better off this way. Some of the biggest, most successful startups today began as bootstrapped side projects.

I currently serve as CEO/Co-Founder of Izzy Care, a low-cost membership for unlimited, personalized primary care, mental health therapy, and nutrition & wellness coaching. …

Kenneth Colón

Becker’s Hospital Review 2018 “Up-and-Comer in Health IT” | Contributor, TinctureHealth, freeCodeCamp, Hacker Noon

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