Ideas From a Social Media Expert

Samantha Wood has created some great content and is the Digital Media Manager for the Eagles.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us about social media. Her name was Samantha Wood and she came to talk to us about some of her content that she does and her line of work. Samantha is a digital platforms manager for the Eagles. She went to Northeastern University and has worked for the Flyers and Eagles.

She came and talked about how important it is to post the right content to the right platform so that it reaches the right people. For example, she talked about how older people are on Facebook while younger people are more on twitter. She told us about some of her content that she has posted and some of the stuff is cool.

She told us that to garner a lot of viewers you need to make creative content. Anybody can post that the eagles made a trade for a player but to do in an appealing way is the challenge of working in this field. The more creative you get with this content the more viewers you will be able to garner and attract more people to your pages. I learned a lot from her and plan on using some of the techniques she taught us on my personal pages.