Phillies Social Media Genius

A few weeks ago, we had another guest speaker come in and talk to us about social media and sports. The person we met was Tim Stoeckle who is the social media representative for the Philadelphia Phillies. He came to our class and really talked about what he does with the Phillies and his journey throughout to get to the Phillies.

He studied at Saint Joseph’s university studying sports marketing and worked for the MLB live tweeting at games before going to the Phillies. He told us that he was interested in this field because he liked to write and found that working in social media was just as important. He told us that he used to write for the school paper and loved to write about sports and wanted to do this for a team.

Overall, he told us that content is extremely important but that you need to differentiate between personal and professional tweeting. Since he works for the Phillies he told us that he must be very careful of what he tweets personally because it could get him in trouble. What I learned is that sometimes you need to be careful when tweeting because once it’s out there anybody can see it.