To the Ones Who Love Too Much… Love harder, Love stronger.

I’ve heard so many people say that they try too hard. That they are always there for others but no one is ever there for them.

To the ones who think they love too hard and care too much. To the ones who tell themselves “You give too much and never receive anything back, you are too compassionate, too kind, too soft, your feelings are too strong… Too much.” Stop telling yourself that. This is for you.

Okay, here it is. Everything you are telling yourself, it is true. You are the one that loves, the one that gives, the one that cares, all too much.

But wait… can you actually tell me… What is wrong with that?

People have told you that you love too hard. Is that really a negative thing? People see you and they know that you are capable of an immense amount of love. You are capable of something so unique. You have an ability that others do not. You really feel. You really love. Not everyone does. Think about how lucky you are to be capable of feeling so deeply. Isn’t that ultimately better than the alternative?

Kay, hold on. Think about this. What if our Heavenly Father felt that way? What if He felt like He was too compassionate, too concerned for others, too giving and never receiving, or too loving? God gives everything to people who don’t even believe in Him! And what are we here in this life for? What is our soul purpose? Why did He create such a beautiful world and everything in it? So that we would be able to become like Him.

Our goal, whether we remember it or not, is to become like our Father in Heaven. Our purpose is to become as loving and compassionate as Him. This quality of being able to love so deeply is a skill. It can be developed, just like riding a bike or learning how to read, through practice. This quality is maturity. This quality is a God-like quality. You are becoming like God. You go, girl! (Or guy!) Having this quality is special. People see that quality. People love that quality. People learn from that quality.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself anymore. Love Hard. Love Strong.

To love is not bad. Love is innocent and true. It is one of the most pure things we have on this planet. And somehow, our world has become afraid of the concept of love because of how vulnerable we become because of it. But instead of being vulnerable, it actually makes us stronger. How lucky are we to be able to get our hearts broken by those we love. How lucky are we to have people in our lives who we have so much care for. How lucky are we to have something so genuine that it makes us feel emotions so deeply. That deepness, that immensity, is strength.

So Love harder. Love stronger. It’s worth it.

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