I don’t think we’re going to see robots fixing our plumbing anytime soon
If you go with what’s intuitively obvious (one would think), then yes, of course scarcity of labor…
Kady M.

Absolutely! I tell this to youngsters all the time, conservation usually goes like this:

Kid: “I want to study accounting”

Me: “If I was graduating high school today, I’d skip college, find an older plumber that is looking for an apprentice, and spend the next 4 years learning that trade”

Kid: “Gross! That is a blue collar job, my parents say I need to go through college”

Me: “In my career I have automated away hundreds of jobs. I have never automated away a plumber. People will NEVER want their shit to stay in their house, and they don’t want to walk to the stream a mile away carrying buckets. May not be glamorous, but there is a lot of money in it and you don’t have to go into debt learning how to be a plumber”

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