I couldn’t relate to this at all… on any kind of level- I mean I was hoping to get some good…
A Ennis

I grew up on air force bases all over the world. I had no real concept of color and race because as a military brat you had a single concern — making friends fast (as everybody was transient and at some point of a 3 year stint) so you couldn’t be picky as to who your friends were and what color or ethnicity they were. The other concern was maximizing your time with those friends because soon they would be gone. We were diverse but there was no real diversity concept, we were the same because our shared culture was that of “military brat”.

Only after my father retired when I was in junior high school and I was in school off the base bubble did I see any sort of cliquish sorting by race or ethnicity and it was completely foreign to me.

To this day decades and decades later, I am happy that as a child I wasn’t polluted by some superficial racial/ethnic concept of my identity. I have fond memories of all my good friends but quite honestly I have no distinct memories of which friend was which race (and all were represented)…because that is how truly unimportant it actually was at the time.

In the grand scheme of things, its really how unimportant it is at this time too. Its a damn shame that folks can’t seem to realize that.

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