Have you seen the insured rates for the chronically ill pre ACA?
Sure, for a four-figure premium monthly, assuming insurance companies will even take them.
Siobhan O'leary

I have, and if you look at total annual out of pocket then vs now, you will find that the ACA has not necessarily been the godsend for folks with chronic illnesses that require ongoing care. Sure monthly rates are lower, but total out of pocket has gone up and doubled and tripled in some cases. So the person with the chronic disease that flares up every few years gets a rate break. The person with active chronic illnesses is spending almost $20k of their own money per year on the cheapest plans before insurance covers a single penny in costs.

Additionally, the greatest evil of the ACA is how it robs from young families and gives to the wealthy. As an example a family friend has a young 20-something son with a family, their family rates are almost $1000/mo with a $5k out of pocket annual maximum. This outlay is about 30% of their net income. They struggle every day. Meanwhile, the son’s grandfather has over a million dollars in assets, bank, annuity, IRA, 401k…home is paid for etc…enjoys cheap medical insurance rates with a SUBSIDY because his actual income and draw he takes from his retirement is low. The ACA treats the poor struggling son as rich, and the rich grandfather as poor.

The possibility that the above scenario exists just goes to show that whatever the intentions of the ACA, the implementation and effect has been a disaster.

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