Kyle, If the comment on right or left, is directed to me, I’ll help you out, I’m an independant…
Rogue Gay

I’ll say this, I think Bill Anderson has raised a valid and realistic argument regarding the danger of a constitutional convention that you are ignoring or intentionally obfuscating. Right now, our republic both macro and micro is run by republicans and I’d rather them operate within the framework the founding fathers created rather than in a framework they create themselves. In a similar sense, I’d say the same thing if the roles were reversed and the Democratic Party held the bulk of the power. From my perspective neither party respects liberty, and I think the founding fathers did.

I also don’t think the constitution is broken just because Trump was elected or anytime there is a difference between the popular vote and the electoral college. In fact, I’d say it worked exactly as designed. I also say that without ever voting for (nor will ever vote for) Trump. I’d be willing to bet that if Clinton had won the election, but loss the popular vote, you wouldn’t be making this argument.

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