Yes, there’s an incredible amount of ad hominem, strawman, and slippery slope fallacies peppered…
Brendon Carpenter

Is that significant debate among medical and mental health professionals, or is it activists trying to make an issue where one doesn’t currently exist? There is a huge difference between .005% and 2% of the population. You are throwing out the 2% simply to try and give gender dysphoria statistical significance because it suits your activism.

Let me give you a practical example of why I don’t believe your 2% number. I have lived for decades in an area with over 3 million people. Twice in my life I have chance encountered a transgendered individual, obvious in their transition.

Those 2 chance encounters (the last one 5 years ago) speak more the reality of a 005% number than a 2%. At 2% random chance encounters with transgendered individuals in an area with a population of 3M would happen at least monthly with 60000 individuals roaming and milling about their lives. However, If there was a 150 milling about? Well, encountering one of those folks would be rare…like perhaps twice in 30+ years rare.

But, don’t read my reply in such a way that I believe that these folks shouldn’t enjoy the same liberties as everyone else. I’m a libertarian, freedom and liberty is my thing and I don’t care what you do, how you identify, or what you believe as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

However, there is no need for special legal or government treatment of these individuals whether .005% or 2%. They already have the same rights as everyone else. In other words, I don’t think just because they are transgendered that the state should be on the hook for anything related to their medical transitions. They are choosing to modify their bodies to suit themselves.

Additionally, medical intervention via hormone therapy to stave off puberty in children who might be transgender is abuse plain and simple. Why would you interfere in such a dangerous manner before a mind has a chance to mature? It seems at that point you are attempting to influence an outcome more that treat anything.

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