you just said you don’t stand up to other men in public.
You know for such an alpha male as I think you’re claiming to be — you just said you don’t stand up…
Bridget C

No, I said that generally men in that situation would not call out a stranger they just met at a business event unless they *maybe* were in a relationship with the woman in question.

See, this may shock you, but most men would not give a shit about the insult or even notice it. It would fly right on over as normal communications.

Most of the men that might care otherwise, like the OP, wouldn’t do a damn thing about it either because they have heard that kind of talk a hundred times in the past. So how do I know that? 30+ years in business, never once seen anything even remotely what the OP described, but I bet I have been in thousands of conversations in that timeframe where some woman was referred to as a “bitch”. Simple statistics would bear at least one confrontation in that time.

Oh and yes, Full disclosure — I have used that word, and have also heard many male and female colleagues and strangers use it as well and sometimes one even “worse” on the lady insult scale. Oh the horror (but just keeping it real here). You can take comfort in the fact that I have also referred to men as “dicks”, “pricks”, and assholes, generally for similar reasons and behaviors that I have called women “bitch”, so enjoy the equality.

So yes, I wouldn’t say anything, not because I am an alpha or beta male, but mainly because I wouldn’t even notice it or care enough if I did.

What truly made the OP the beta male, was his virtual signaling fantasy literature after the fact. If he was an alpha, and truly insulted to the point of action for his friend, he never would have wrote about it. He he would have just did it and that would be that. Additional glory would not have been necessary. That’s what ab. insulted alpha would do. The insulted beta would use the fantasy of a confrontation to show other women how sensitive they were. However most alpha males, and beta males too, wouldn’t do a damn thing.

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