The really pathetic thing, Kyle, is that I presented detailed supporting evidence for my point, and…
Erik Zellers

Ok. Let’s talk about perspective since you apparently have none.

In 1939 the world wide Jewish population was about 16M people. In May of 1945 the world wide Jewish population was less than 10M people. 40% of the world’s Jews were exterminated in world war 2. Over 6 million people.

In 2013, NHIS data shows that 3.3% of the US population at that time identified as LGBT…or approximately 10.4M people. For evangelical persecution of the LGBT community to even touch the level of genocide the Jews experienced, 4.1M people in the LGBT community in the US would need to be wiped out before 2019. Is that happening? Is there some hidden genocide of LGBT people by evangelical Christians that has somehow escaped the news media? Seems to me that someone would notice a couple of million people from the LGBT community suddenly dead…don’t you think?

Now, let’s talk about ISIS — NBC news reported in 2016 that in 2014–2015, there were over 18 thousand deaths due to ISIS violence in Iraq alone. Did the LGBT community in the same timeframe find 18 thousand members targeted and killed by christian extremists? Seems that would be noticed too.

You realize…that is what you are arguing as equivocal. Whatever level of bigotry and hatred the LGBT community feels is being foisted upon them…it simply does not rise to the level of genocide or violence that other groups have shown the groups they hate. I am not saying that this bigotry doesn’t exist, or that it isn’t wrong (never have I made that case) — it absolutely is awful and should not be happening, but its just not on the same level as the extremist regimes both present and historical that are out there no matter how passionate you feel about it.

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