I know it’s hard to think when we’re angry, please calm, and consider what makes the most sense
What is indisputable, is that they produced and showed a video, not the actual motivations of those…

So the guy who posts three rapid fire responses to my comment parsing every sentence thinks I am angry. That is hilarious.

But I get you, your an old school hippie with probably half a century of protesting notched on your belt, it probably hurts you to see folks damage the “liberal”, “left”, or “progressive“ brand by their actions. You want to disassociate them. I know it hurts me to see “liberalism” being turned into the strange leftist authoritarian hot mess that it is today.

My approach is just different than you, I don’t make excuses for these idiots. I accept them at face value. I don’t care what their motivations are, but they identify and align themselves with the progressive movement. So I accept that and realize that this movement has nothing to do with the classic liberalism that I ascribe to and preach. I realize that a lot of people are angry enough to do extreme things to derail this president. So when its exposed that people are plotting violence, I choose to stay away and I wouldn’t let my children or grandchildren in those areas either and that was my original point. I expected violence because there was evidence for 2.5 months that the inauguration would be disrupted by violence.

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