Nor does it surprise me that men call women bitches in private and public without fear of consequences. It doesn’t even surprise me that most men don’t say anything or even notice. I even seen women laugh at the terms as well. Heck, I’ve bit my tongue in meetings with clients or VCs at some of the things that get said.
Son, the fact that you regularly use bitch or dick doesn’t shock me.
Bridget C

So you condemn me for something you admit doing yourself? Wow. Hypocrite much? Next time don’t bite your lip, speak out, coward. You are not going to change the whole of male behavior sitting passively and then complaining about it anonymously on the internet. At least the OP owned his post under his own name.

As for all your alpha/beta male complaints — go take that up with evolutionary biologists and psychologists, you can piss and moan about the science to them. Go do some study that proves it’s not a thing for us men, counter all the observed science with your own data. I would love to see how you explain the dominance/submissive traits observed in men and how they don’t actually follow the same traits we see in other apes.

Until then, I’ll call it like I see it.

BTW, your pathetic attempts at diminutives and insults towards me are laughable, because just like that “terrible” bitch word, they are just words and wholly subjective. Call me whatever, don’t care, doesn’t matter — you don’t know me and your opinion about me doesn’t amount to diddly-squat.

Perhaps you should realize that “bitch” is just as meaningless too. The only way that word can hurt you is if you have that opinion of yourself and it confirms a negative trait you think you have.

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