When a trans person changes their gender and lives a new life according to how they feel — who they believe they are — they’re creating a new reality for themselves.
You are funny.
Lori Gunnell

This is a revealing sentence to your own mindset here. The emerging activist ideology around gender is that they are not CHANGING anything, but are shedding a totally social concept of gender (since a biological gender does not exist according to gender activists — obviously they are not biologists) that was mistakenly foisted upon them. Yet here you describe “change” and “who they believe they are”. So you are acknowledging that an external actual construct of reality and the internal subjective mental construct of reality are out of sync. There is no better definition of “delusion” than external actual reality and internal assumptions of reality being out of sync.

At what point does these subjective realities move from the realm of the accepted to the absurd? Does a man who thinks he is a dog get the same compassionate acceptance as a man who thinks he is a woman? Both deny/discount biological realities in favor of an internal fantasy, but the dog dude is getting locked up and psychiatric treatment for his delusion. Where is the compassion for his feelings? Maybe one day neo-marxists will take up activism in support of the trans-species but that will happen only if they reliably vote democrat.

So here we have Svetlana who has the audacity to suggest that perhaps we should be compassionate to the individual whether transgender or trans-species and perhaps get them some help with their subjective realities and consider that there might be an underlying psychological cause here. Treat it, not feed it…and she is considered heartless?

I think not…

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