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What’s amazing to me is how some folks will accept as fact and “real history” a found tablet describing a single story from 4000 years ago, yet dismiss the historical reality of Jesus that has multiple accounts, long oral history, written history, and archeological evidence of contemporary events and people to the same period and geographical area. We are talking about virtually unbroken accounts of this Jesus dude for 2000 years that at least agree that he existed. So apparently someone either weaved a tremendous story around a fictional character 2000 years ago that so moved people that they willingly gave their lives for this character…or there really was some dude tromping about Judea doing and saying some pretty cool stuff to keep people interested for a couple of thousand years.

You can argue about his divinity, his miracles, his resurrection but denying the reality of the man that they are written about calls into question any ancient history you choose to believe that is based on less evidence.

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