Heard of the LGBTQ movement?
Lori Gunnell

Wow…you keep mentioning and conflating gays and trans as if that is interchangeable . That is your association, not mine. I have specifically said the opposite. The groups may band together politically for the sake of their sheer numbers, but the mechanism behind their group identities is wholly different. Sexuality and gender…are different things altogether.

Being attracted to the same sex is not delusional. It may be unusual, hard to understand — perhaps even distasteful to some people, but it is firmly grounded in an objective reality. Denying a biology reality and pretending it doesn’t exist is delusional (you may not like that word but it is the proper one), and it is simply not grounded in reality. Expecting people to accept and support your delusion simply because you believe it is beyond narcissistic and frankly anti-social.

So no matter how much you want to support these individual’s desires and self identity, that doesn’t change chromosomes in their body and objective reality is simply objective reality. I was born a man, I have all the male “parts” last I checked, and every cell in my body except some of my sperm cells have an XY chromosomal pair. Also as far as I know I am a pretty average member of the homo sapiens sapiens species. If tomorrow I woke up and decided a was really a female toy poodle…even if I was kind to others, creative, funny and treat the planet and its inhabitants with respect and did no harm to others…society would still see an average male human. If that happens I hope that someone would be compassionate enough to suggest to help me reconnect with reality, even if I didn’t want any help despite how loud I bark.

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