People really need to stop overusing the Strawman defense. It in no way applies here. In what way am I misrepresenting your argument?
People really need to stop overusing the Strawman defense.
Van Tong

You answered a question I didn’t ask and claimed you were answering my question. That is a strawman. If you think it’s overused you should probably consider not building them. That will help eliminate how often you see them in discussions.

You should probably read Raheel Raza. She is a Muslim and there is no doubt in her mind that the percentages of radical Islamists are much higher that a lot of folks on the progressive left want to admit. Look her up if you are willing to listen to an alternative viewpoint from someone more versed on the subject than you or me.

Quite honestly, I never understood why the left acts as an apologist for radical Islam. There is so much within that belief system that the left preaches against. The left doesn’t fear Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism so it is willing to be critical of those religions. Yet the left refuses to condemn Islam and Muslims when the engage in brutality towards women, LGBT…this alone leads me to believe that fear plays a huge part in that apologia and only further underscores that even the left truly believes that radical Islamists are more dangerous than other religious folk.

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